Il Granaio, circa 2010

Our farmhouse complex and the surrounding acre of terraced property passed through the Petrucci and de Giusto families until our family purchased it in 1976 and began the restoration. The original granaio (granary) was converted into a guest house and electricity and modern plumbing were added to the dwellings.

Il Granaio, circa 1976

We (brother and sister) began the second stage of renovation in 2008. Original wood structures and surfaces were paintstakingly restored, iron and stonework renewed. We overhauled the heating and plumbing systems and modernized the kitchens and bathrooms. Two bathrooms were built from the dirt up using reclaimed local marble and building materials, state-of-the-art German and Dainish fixtures, and custom features including a Japanese soaking tub. All-new appliances, custom cabinetry and local marble countertops pay homage to the centuries-old kitchen while readying it for 21st century gourmet use. Dormant fruit species were revitalized and over 400 plants were added to the three large terraced fields that total over an acre.