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Tante Grazie- Many Thanks

To the many hands and hearts that have planted, planed, rubbed, sanded, stained, sweat and bled to revive the glory of our chunk of Tuscan heaven, thank you.

To the friends who journeyed across the Atlantic to help paint, mow, rake (and eat, laze in the hammock, and sip wine), thank you.

Ai tutti gli Italiani che hanno avuto il loro momento nel casino- e ci sono tanti–, grazie.

It’s hard to gain perspective on a project in which you have so much personal involvement– your eyes eventually can only see those-bits-which-need-a-touch up, which, in a centuries-old farmhouse complex, will exist always.

Almost three years later, however, we’ve done it. The property looks amazing, the trees are healthy and producing fruit, and the 100s of plants that have gone in are taking root and will soon carpet our land in color and scent.

The kitchen is ready to birth ten course meals with all new, handmade china to receive it. New linens swaddle divinely comfortable beds. State of the art, custom bathrooms are ready to pamper, and, most satisfyingly, I feel like the large amount of extra time and the effort we put into using reclaimed and local materials paid off– it was the right thing to do, and the marble and wood surfaces look, and importantly, feel just right.

C’e l’abbiamo fatta!


Grazie a tutti!

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